A quick read on showing love to your kids when you're angry!

Slamming my bedroom door shut, I sat down at my desk in anger.

A torrential downpour of negative thoughts flooded my brain with ideas of what I wanted to say, do and take away from my daughter. 

“Why she gotta be so sassy anyway?!” I huffed.

My body began to relax as I took some deep breaths, processed my thoughts, validated my feelings, and praying for strength from the Lord. 

Yet my heart and mind continued to spin with thoughts of frustration.

My daughter was leaving for school soon, and I knew we had to make things right before she left.

We wouldn’t have time to discuss the triggering event, but needed to acknowledge that we would work through it later. 

My mind continued to justify my anger and I began wondering if I’d be calm enough to tell her goodbye without saying something I shouldn’t.

That’s when the Holy Spirit intervened

He lead me into a prayer – read it HERE.

We may not feel love toward our children when in the middle of anger, but the Lord supplies us with that love and ability, all we need to do is ask.

The Lord softened my heart and prepared me for the knock on my door that came shortly after I said Amen

As I opened the door, my girlie looked at me with a cheesy grin and said, “I am sorry for being sassy.”

My heart softened as I looked at her and said,” I forgive you! Even when you’re sassy and I am mad I love you!”

We hugged, I apologized for slamming the door, and we moved on with our days.

Anger is a natural emotion.

God isn’t shocked by our anger and works with us even in the midst of it

He wants us to Stop, Inhale, Tune In & Pray in surrender to Him

When we stop and acknowledge that we do not have the strength, power, ability to do the impossible and need His help, He steps in to save us EVERY TIME.

So the next time you feel like there is no way out of the emotion you are in, stop and tell the Lord you need Him cause you can’t because He knows and He wants to help you.

Click Here for a prayer to say the next time anger blocks the feelings of love for your child.





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