The Wholly Well Mama With Guest Stephanie Hodges

Today, Natalie has the privilege of hosting health and wellness coach Stephanie Hodges.

Stephanie is passionate about discovering what it means to be wholly well in body, soul, and spirit. With over 20 years of combined experience in fitness, wellness, and ministry, she has a unique perspective on faith-based well-being. As a fitness professional, Stephanie has a Master’s in Nutrition and Exercise Science and is an active online Health & Wellness Coach.

Natalie and Stephanie chat about how busy Christian mamas can prioritize holistic health. It’s about caring for the temple inside and out—body, soul, and spirit.

They chat about common tactical questions about diet and exercise, sort through today’s popular advice, and give practical action steps for staying healthy on a busy schedule.

They also discuss biblical fasting and cover topics such as the Daniel Fast, prayer and anointing the home, and other spiritual disciplines that they’ve found helpful in their growth as wives, mothers, and daughters of God.

This interview will give you hope, inspiration, great tips, and strategies to help you discover more about balance within your mind, body, and soul as a Christian in your motherhood journey.Natalie invites you to listen in and stay for this journey.

The Wholly Well Mama With Guest Stephanie Hodges

Bible References:

1 Cor 6:19-20

Psalm 139:13-14

Stephanie’s Links:

The Daniel Fast Journey Book

Stephanie on Instagram


Producer and editor: Skye Hixson

Music: Simon Reid

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