Quick read on how to overcome mom-guilt and actually enjoy your motherhood journey!

Mama, you’ve probably experienced this at one point or another…

Mom guilt.

The heart-wrenching feeling that you did wrong by your kids.

Maybe you don’t feel good enough.

You’re sad that you’ve hurt your kids in one way or another.

Mom guilt happens.

Like any other negative emotion, it can be a tool to stop, inhale, and tune in and pray.

Why are you feeling this?

Is there truth behind it?

What is the Holy Spirit telling you?

“The Spirit convicts us of wrongdoing, but He doesn’t condemn us for it. There is a great difference. One leads to restoration and the other leads to defeat. ‘When He had come, He will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment.’ John 16:8” -Stormie Omartian, The Prayer That Changes Everything

The Spirit will convict us but not condemn us!

The Spirit leads us to right the wrong and learn from a lesson that will make us closer to God and allow our wrongdoing to bring Glory to God.

The Enemy will lead us down a path of guilt, defeat, and ultimately we will wallow in self-pity, bringing glory to no one and pain to many.

So if you are feeling guilt…

Stop. Inhale. Tune in. Pray.

Ask the Spirit to help you see what actions you need to take next.

Do you need to apologize?

Take responsibility for something you did?

Or are you listening to the Enemy’s lies; maybe you feel guilt that isn’t even your burden to carry.

The Spirit will guide you, but it takes time, effort, and prayer to see where he is leading you.

If you did do something that hurt your kids, the Spirit will clean your slate.

Stop, pray, and ask for forgiveness; he will lead you to what is next.