A chat with Natalie Hixson and Stephanie Clarisse about Managing Anger as a Mom.

In this episode, Natalie and Stephanie discuss finding joy in motherhood when you struggle with anger and burnout.

Finding joy in motherhood did not come easy to Natalie early in her motherhood journey. Natalie found herself dealing with destructive anger. After working with a counselor, Natalie learned that it is okay to feel angry but it’s how we react to our anger that is important. We need to show our kids that we as their mom take responsibility for our emotions and our actions. We can model to our kids how to naviagte their emotions and how they choose to react to the emotions they are feeling. Through her experience, Natalie has been called to help other moms struggling with anger and burnout through life coaching. 

If you’re feeling like you are stuggling to find joy in motherhood, then this is the episode for you!

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