Making Prayer a Consistent Part of Your Motherhood Journey

Mama, you are very busy taking care of the needs, schedules, and routines of your family life, on top of personal priorities like work, ministry, and health.

You desire to pray regularly for your kids but even with the best intentions your prayer habit continues to fall through the cracks.

You’re not a bad mom if you haven’t made prayer a priority; it happens to all of us!

Even moms who do prayer regularly miss it from time to time.

It wasn’t until I had some serious challenges that needed addressing with my children that I finally hit the ground praying consistently.

This was when I created The Prayer Alarm method…

The Prayer Alarms 

Set regular alarms on your phone to go off to pray for your kids and husband!

This will help you remember to pray for them regularly.

It is too easy to get so wrapped up in the day’s task that we forget to pray.

This prayer method is simple and easy to use.

Since implementing this in my life, I have seen answers to prayer, and for the things, I am still praying for, I have peace and much more joy too!

Give it a try! You WILL see the fruits of your prayerful diligence!

Get my free Prayer Alarms download below, it’s my exact process of how I set this up and implement it today.



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