End the destructive cycle of rage, guilt, and shame in your motherhood journey!

In this episode Natalie, Andrea, Beth and Camille discuss…

Mom rage is something that many, if not most, moms deal with (to some degree) in their motherhood journey. 

Too often moms have an idea of parental perfection that they are supposed to live up to. 

The end result of this narrative is a harmful cycle of shame, guilt, and self hatred.

Rather than dealing with these negative emotions through shameful feelings, it IS possible to accept these emotions for what they are – natural – and find ways to appropriately process the resulting anger and move past it.  

In the end, no matter which negative emotion we are dealing with, we have to be willing to accept responsibility and find healthier ways to deal with our feelings.  Identifying our triggers can be one of the most useful tools we can use in our journey to happiness.  

If you’re ready to end the destructive cycle of rage, guilt and shame in your motherhood journey don’t miss this episode!

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