A chat with Natalie Hixson and Yohonna Smith about leaving destructive anger behind in motherhood.

In this episode, Stewart and Alycia White talk with Natalie about how anger is often assumed to be a bad emotion; sinful even. Scripture tells us, however, that we are to be “Angry and sin not”, and not to let “the sun go down on our anger”. The problem arises when we choose to handle our anger in the wrong way, and direct it toward the wrong place.

If you’ve been a parent for longer than a minute, and a mother in particular, you’ve likely experienced the type of anger that we discuss with our guest, Natalie Hixson. Natalie is a Christian life coach, and uses her early experiences in motherhood to help other moms overcome mommy burnout and explosive anger. Natalie has been through the gauntlet of parenting woes and lived to tell the tale. Now, she coaches mothers seeking to overcome their own issues with anger, and she does so by directing them to the hope only found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

If you are a mama feeling stuck in a cycle of shame and guilt, then this episode is for you!

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