Take your first steps to overcome destructive anger so you can be the fun, present and joyful wife and mom you want to be!

The Trigger Tracker will…

  • Help you find the triggers, insecurities and unmet needs that bring out the destructive anger in you – things like, yelling, screaming, physical and emotional abuse.
  • Create awareness around the triggers that set you off so you can begin reframing these situations in your mind for future moments – you can gain control over your angry outbursts.
  • Change your mindset from a negative one to a positive one around these triggers – begin enjoying motherhood instead of being over it.

This is my client’s number one favorite tool that we use to help them work through destructive anger – and you get it FREE today!

In addition to the tracker you will get my free email and video series sharing my own anger story. You’ll also learn how I help other moms overcome their battle with anger to find fulfillment and peace with their own motherhood journey.


“By speaking to some of my past hurts and current concerns. Addressing these things in a positive, forward-moving, proactive manner that has caused me to be more intentional about the way I think about things.”

– Current Client


“Thank you for coaching me. Working with you has really helped me along my journey. It was so nice to have one on one feedback and encouragement. Truly blessed to have found you!”

– Jenessa S.


“Natalie, you always offer a glimpse of encouragement toward positive changes. I love your tips and find that the changes suggested can be put into practice immediately with very beneficial results. Thanks for all of the encouragement!”

– Andrea S.