Quick Read on how to find confidence in your motherhood journey!

“This may seem small and silly, and it was only one time out of the five other times I blew up – but I took a deep breath instead of slamming a door today.”

One of my clients recently shared this with me.

WHAT?!! That is AMAZING!

I virtually high fived her.

Changing the way you react to things can feel like a massive learning curve, and that is because – IT IS!

You’ve been reacting a certain way your entire life.

You will not wake up one morning, instantly different, keeping it together all the time.

Hey, I’ve been on my recovery from destructive anger for over 20 years, and there are still times when I lose it and have to recover with my kids.

Perfection and instant results are not what I look for in my clients.

Small baby steps are what I celebrate because…

Baby steps that help them implement life long awareness and change.

Those are the small steps that end the sleepless nights full of mom-guilt.


If you took a deep breath instead of yelled today – HIGH FIVE!

If you went to God’s Word instead of social media when you were feeling sad – HIGH FIVE!

If you chose to say sorry after you got upset with your kiddo – HIGH FIVE!

You are doing a great job!

Celebrate that baby step because it means BIG rewards for you and your family as you continue on your motherhood journey.





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