A chat with Natalie Hixson and Christa Svoboda about overcoming burnout.

In this episode, Natalie and Christa, discuss what it looks like to be burned out and how to move forward to a healthier place. 

Natalie recognized that she was struggling with destructive anger early in her motherhood journey. As Natalie began to heal from her own destructive anger tendencies, she realized the connection between anger and burnout. As moms, we are constantly giving and can lack margins for ourselves which is when burnout can arise. God didn’t make us to be able to do everything and lead everything. As moms, we need to learn how to say “no” but also take care of ourselves to recover from or avoid burnout. Natalie helps mothers who are struggling with burnout or destructive anger regain their joy in motherhood as a Christian life coach. 

If you are struggling with feelings of burnout, this episode is for you!

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