Client Results

– Meagan & Adam J.

Work at Home Parents of 3 young children

Shame Gone. Intimacy Found. Joy Experienced!

Before I began working with Natalie I was feeling stuck in an emotional spiral. I would start out angry, then lose my temper and react poorly, then get completely lost in shame, only to begin the cycle again. I felt so much shame. I felt on the deepest level that I was a terrible mother because of how I reacted to my feelings of anger toward my children.

In working with Natalie I found the accountability to spend daily time with Jesus along with the coaching I needed to retrain my thoughts so I could be the mom (and person!) I really wanted to be.

While working with Natalie I learned I am outside of other people’s thoughts and opinions of me. I can still love someone and be detached from their emotional spirals, processing my interactions with them in a healthy way so that I don’t go down my own emotional spiral because of their actions toward me. I learned and witnessed how God changes the literal pathways in my brain, replacing my own critical thoughts of myself and others with his healing truth. This is the catalyst for true change.

If you’re seeking a toolkit for becoming the mother you want to be, one that also comes with the accountability you need to help guide you, this is it. 

I was on the fence for about a year before feeling so desperate for change that I finally took the plunge and met with Natalie for the first time. Honestly, I feared I was unfixable.

After going through this program with Natalie’s guidance and God’s faithfulness to heal broken things, I now believe in the deepest part of my soul that whether in times of abundance or in times of failure, I can do all things through him who strengthens me. 

Your broken parts are fixable too–you need only a willingness to learn how it’s possible.

THANK YOU SO MUCH NATALIE! Keep being the vessel of healing and change God has made you to be!”

-Meagan J.

Before my wife, Meagan, began coaching with Natalie, I felt like it was my responsibility to make sure I was there to be a buffer between Meagan and her triggers. 

I felt “on alert” most of the time. When she was triggered I felt I had to be there for her to protect her and also our kids. For a period of time, I’m sad to say that it was really hard for me to be around her.

As Meagan began to go through the program and work with Natalie, I noticed my wife begin to understand herself more – what her triggers are, and what past wounds may be causes for her triggers. She was able to draw lines between where she was wrong and where she was wronged. Now she’s able to take time to process before she responds.

I’m really proud of Meagan for going through this program, and I’m especially proud of her for how fiercely she’s trying to end certain generational sins from her past. Her humility to apologize to our kids every time she’s triggered is a really big deal. 

I think Natalie’s program was a major influence in helping Meagan grow her confidence and self-assurance. She’s able to speak with a gentleness about tense family situations because she has a much better understanding of all of the dynamics. The tools she learned in the program she shared with our kids. In the past, those big feelings often brought other big feelings from someone else into the situation. Now instead of escalating together, we do a better job of calming down together.

There was a period of time in our marriage where I wondered what happened to the Meagan I proposed to and married. About 3-4 weeks into the program I noticed a sort of “untying of knots” in both me and Meagan. We talked about these struggles differently. We were more patient with one another, and there was less tension in the home. 

I’m glad that Meagan has gotten the help and tools she needs because I certainly couldn’t have done that for her. I’m really happy to say that, even though our lives are the busiest and craziest they’ve ever been, we’re facing it head-on together. 

We’re both excited to date each other and our intimacy on all levels is coming back, which is very refreshing.

Any husband out there is on the fence about his wife going through a program with a “life coach,” which I feel is sort of a nebulous term that could mean a lot of things, I’d say that I appreciate his concern. But I’d tell him that this life coach (Natalie) has put together an excellent program that will benefit his wife and their relationship as well as his family. Titles or terminology should not be the reason to hold your wife back from doing this.

If there are any husbands out there (and I imagine there are many) who are concerned about the cost of the program: Investing in your wife, your marriage, and your family is not the worst thing that could happen. The financial part of this should not be the thing that holds you back. Find a way to make it happen. Get a scholarship from your church, sell some stuff, hold off on a vacation for a bit. 

In my opinion, finances are not a good enough reason to say no. You likely can’t afford NOT to go through this program.

Support your wife through this!

Thanks, Natalie for being a friend and an encourager for Meagan through this!”

-Adam J.

This was just a snippet of what Meagan and Adam had to say please CLICK HERE to read both of their FULL testimonials.

– Chelsea E.

Stay at Home Mom of 4, including three teenagers!

“My biggest challenge was my passive-aggressive behavior toward my children and husband. I was always a victim and always shut down emotionally. I knew it wasn’t healthy, but my mom was that way, and I took on the behavior. I hated when my mom acted that way when I was young, so I knew that I needed to change.

Everything changed after working with Natalie. My relationships improved with my family and my girls seemed to trust me more. There was a joy and evenness to our home that wasn’t there before.

I worked through things that I didn’t know I needed to work through! Some issues with my mom and a toxic friendship that has ended a few years ago. I was carrying a lot of pain and anger that needed to be dealt with. It was keeping me from fully parenting my girls with love and peace and freedom. Things are better in every way. I’ve let go of a lot and learned a lot. Also, it’s important to know that we all have emotions that need to be validated. I can’t expect my girls to never feel anger or frustration. We have all learned to process things in a more healthy, Godly way.

I heard Natalie speak on a podcast and there is no question that the Lord had me there at that moment. Working with Natalie has been life-changing and a blessing to my children and husband.

– Laura S.

Work at Home Mom of 4, including a set of twins!

“Natalie is amazing! It’s really great to have a life coach who is also a Christian because, in my experience, personal growth is not going to be long-lasting unless Christ is in the center of the change.

Natalie has a special way of allowing me to process what I’m learning in my own time while also sharing personal accounts of her own growth and development so I feel heard, understood, and validated. Natalie offers support & encouragement and I have never felt judged or shamed. When you talk to Natalie you feel like you’re talking to an old friend!

I would say that life coaching is the key to changing your thoughts. I believe the main trigger that leads to burnout & anger is the thoughts one believes about their circumstances.

The reason this program is life-changing is because it gives you easy to follow steps on changing what you’re telling yourself and what you believe about your life. Each week builds on itself so it’s not overwhelming. Natalie is supporting you each step along the way!”

– Amanda K.

Working Mom of 3 kids in school

When I found Natalie my biggest challenge was seeing MY reactions as negative. Allowing myself to run with the anger until it was so out of control my children were scared of me and I was consumed with guilt and shame. I felt shameful. Guilty. I never handled ANY negative encounter with calmness and thought. I just jumped into conflict with the attitude of “I’m the mom and you will listen, dang it”. Then the after-effect set in and the guilt.

While working with Natalie I began to experience calmness. Breathing. There’s always time to take a deep breath, pray, and formulate a HEALTHY response. I’ve realized that identifying and acknowledging the emotions both mine and the kids’ is the key to dealing with the situation. Learning to pause and breath was really key for me. That acknowledging the anger as a valid emotion is not only ok but IMPORTANT to growth and healing.

If you are on the fence about working with Natalie – CALL.HER! You will not regret it. If you hear just one moment that resonates with you, chances are her whole story will sound familiar.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God brought this amazing resource into my life at the exact time I needed it most. My time with her was four months of fixing/challenging/growing/ healing.


– A.

Stay at Home Mom of 2 pre-schoolers

“When I found Natalie I was really struggling with burn out and didn’t know what to do when faced with triggers from my kiddos. I stuffed my anger down, not knowing what to do with it, and then would have an eruption of yelling that I felt shame over. I wasn’t confident in much of what I was doing as a mama and felt like I wasn’t modeling Christ to them through my actions when I was angry.

I felt like I was a machine, running on fumes to care for others and resenting them for it. I was angry at my husband for working so much and leaving me to solo parent so often. I was angry with my kids for doing things that are normal for kids to do. I had so much shame for these feelings and it snowballed until I found Natalie.

I have a new confidence in my role as a mom and actually enjoy time with my kiddos more than I used to. I let them be kids and have realistic expectations of them. I’m communicating better with my husband and have made a lot of progress in being more supportive of his career. I have a clearer vision of who I am and I feel freedom from the guilt and shame that I was carrying.

Natalie helped me to build awareness around my triggers and taught me how to cope with my emotions of stress, anxiety, worry, and anger. Now, I am starting to model to my kids how to handle these normal emotions in a healthy way. Natalie helped me to see how some of my current challenges/patterns were connected to how I grew up and also helped me process through the healing that needed to happen to have a healthy perspective. Another breakthrough was how valuable the positive mindset work was. It has really changed the way that I think and how I approach my days.

If you are trying to decide if the investment is worth it, definitely do it! It is an investment of time and money that will pay off right away and for the years to come. Working on making these changes will impact not only your immediate family but generations to come as well.

– Lauren W.

Working Homeschool Mom of 2

“When I found Natalie I felt absolutely stuck. I had succumbed to the belief that this was just how motherhood is: joyless, difficult, exhausting, and full of frustration and anger. I was explosive with my anger, slamming doors, spanking out of anger, throwing things, and yelling at my kids and my husband.

I felt alone and hopeless and worried that it couldn’t be different. It also felt like a deeply shameful thing to be struggling with as a woman who trusts her whole life to Jesus Christ. That made me feel all the more alone and stuck.

Natalie helped me to realize that my kids weren’t the problem, my season and life stage and external circumstance weren’t the problem. The foundational thing that needed to be addressed was my mindset. Natalie helped me name and bring awareness to limiting beliefs, shame and guilt I carried, fears of not being good enough, and how often I put my identity in external things like my kids’ behavior. It’s not that life isn’t frustrating now. It’s that I have the tools and awareness to check in with myself, to acknowledge that I am feeling triggered and to know WHY those things triggered me. Then I have the power within myself to live out of the flesh (fear, hurts, lies, limiting beliefs) or the spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, self-control). Before Natalie I would TRY to live out of the spirit without addressing how I was actually feeling. I would suppress and suppress until I exploded and then feel shame and guilt about that. Natalie has provided me with the tools I need to stop in the moment and bring awareness to how I’m feeling and move forward.

I feel awake and present in my life. I am no longer allowing the external circumstances—whether joyful or frustrating—to dictate my identity. My identity is rooted and established in Christ, even when I’m angry. And I can go to him without shame, without blame, and allow him to meet me where I’m at. The awareness I have gained through coaching with Natalie is remarkable. I felt asleep to my life, going through the motions and then exploding seemingly out of nowhere. After doing many trigger trackers, and talking through my limiting beliefs, I finally started to see the patterns of anger. It has trickled over into other things though. Now I’m not just aware of my patterns of anger, but I am also quick to tune in when I’m feeling guilty, hurt, afraid, embarrassed, discontent, lonely, bored and the list goes on and on. I feel like I finally have the power to name what I’m feeling and then move through it in a healthy normal way.

I remember trying to figure out if I should work with Natalie. For me, I kept hearing a small voice that said, “You’re not really that bad. You don’t really need this” but as I pressed into that thought more and more I realized that those were lies from the enemy keeping me from living an abundant life just on the other side of that resistance. Listen to me. Your kids aren’t the only ones who will benefit from you saying yes to coaching with Natalie, your spouse will, your friendships, your relationships with family members will all be drastically changed for the better because of this yes. I know those external people in my life were what motivated me to dive in with Natalie, but I didn’t realize how much I deserved to do this kind of work for myself. As a mom, wife, woman, it can feel like we constantly do things for other people. This is one thing I guarantee you will benefit from just as much as the people you love.”

– Natalie H.

Homeschooling Mom of 3

“When I came to Natalie I was struggling with losing my temper and having destructive anger often. I felt terrible. Covered in guilt and shame only led to me repeat the cycle. Feeling bad about myself and having negative self-talk made me treat my family poorly.

While working with Natalie I gained tools to change my negative self-talk. I learned how important awareness is and how to use it to change my negative talk to positive. Also – Recovery! Making things right and recovered with my children. Showing them that I need to apologize and ask for forgiveness too.

You don’t have to feel helpless with your anger. This isn’t who you are. You can change and will with this program. You gain tools and confidence which changes your family and not just you.”

– Shannon F.

Working Mom of 3 kids in school

When I found Natalie my biggest challenge was getting order in my house without resorting to yelling and my kids knowing mom is mad now. Also toxic friendships and why the same pattern kept happening.

I felt really overwhelmed, sad – maybe depressed, and definitely anxious. I felt like I was managing all the time at a very low level of life. (i. e. chicken nuggets and pizza for dinner – “phew the kids ate!”) But I would continue to be anxious because another day was coming just like the last that I would have to survive instead of live.

While working with Natalie I began growing into the person I know I am… I started to find my strength & require respect to be in a relationship with me. I’ve changed a lot of the ways that I speak to my family. I have made distance with toxic friends.

Natalie mentioned that many people around me seemed like they had destructive anger. Seeing some of the blame lifted off of me for the behavior that has arisen in so many relationships was freeing. There was no way for me to know that this was true. I found it very validating that I wasn’t the only one with the problem in my relationships. I found I proceeded forward in a more confident manner after this. I trusted Natalie’s opinion as she seems quite grounded in Christ which is what I was looking for in a coach.

If you truly want a change you should work with Natalie. She is kind, sincere, smart and observes what you tell her and comes back with some great insight that can really change the trajectory of your life.

– Randi G.

Stay at Home Mom of 4

“My biggest challenge was destructive anger towards my oldest son, who is almost 8 years old. Because of this severely strained relationship, my anger and burnout flowed into most other relationships in my life, including the most important ones with my husband and 2 other children, ages 6 and 3.5. There was no joy in my motherhood – not only did my mind/heart/soul feel so heavy, my home reflected that too. There was little laughter or light-heartedness. I wished to be present in my marriage and in my motherhood, not just as if I was going through the motions of life day in and day out.

These challenges made me feel like a horrible mom. My life was a constant feeling of defeat, overwhelm, anger, sadness, disgust, tiredness – nearly every negative emotion one could feel. It was impacting my life is such a negative way. I was in a continuous downward spiral and could barely keep my head above water. Often, there were days I just wanted to be done, throw in the towel, and not be a wife and a mom anymore. I felt they would be better off without me and this heaviness I was bringing to the family.

I’ve had soo many positive results and breakthroughs in working with Natalie!!

I have a stronger relationship with God through prayer and communicating with Him throughout my day. I am a better wife and mom now. My family is communicating and connecting more than ever before. There is more joy and laughter in my home and more importantly, in my heart. I recover from my destructive anger more quickly now, and most times can stop it before it even becomes destructive and simply respond rather than react. I communicate my feelings with my husband and kids. I also take time to process and really lean into those negative emotions in order to work through them completely. Before I was just pushing through the negative emotions and continuing my tasks at hand, which only lead to increased destructive behavior and burnout.

Natalie helped me uncover a deep-rooted belief I had, that children are a burden. My negative thoughts, words, and actions were continually supporting this belief. She helped me overcome those. Natalie also helped me become more aware that I can not do more to be more. I am already more by being His. I cannot work myself into acceptance with God or others. I do not need anyone’s approval to be healthy. I don’t need anyone’s approval at all; I only need to have approval from God and myself. I do not need approval from people who do not know how to give it.

These things were huge for me! Soo many results/breakthroughs have come with working with Natalie – from small pivots I’ve made in my daily life with my family, to deep-rooted beliefs that have been revealed and am working to overcome.

If you are on the fence – Do it! This program has done so much for my personal development and the relationships with my husband and children! Natalie is an absolutely amazing coach. She is so dedicated to her work and her clients. She is so beautifully present while coaching you. She encourages you and speaks life back into you. She helps you uncover why you have certain destructive beliefs, how to process negative emotions, and then how to work through them and turn them into positive, productive beliefs to move forward. She is such a light in my life that has reaffirmed that God loves me for me, that I am enough, that I am worthy, and that I am an amazing wife and mom.”

– Monika W.

Working Homeschool Mom of 3

“Natalie, I just wanted to thank you so much. Your program and help over the last year+ have been invaluable.

I was thinking back on how I was literally at rock bottom with my feelings toward motherhood and that I could never change and how different that is now. Through this pandemic and our normal routines being thrown out the window, I’ve used so many of the tools I’ve learned from you.

I’m so grateful for you!! You have equipped me so well.”

– Melissa V.

Working Mom of 3

“When I found Natalie my biggest challenge was yelling at my children and the guilt I would feel afterwards.

I felt Sad. Frustrated. Scared that I was ruining my children and if I didn’t get help and change my husband might leave me.

While working with Natalie I was made aware of new truths and reminded of some I had forgotten about who I am. I was given new tools to chose from through-out the day when I struggle.

Specific results I have gotten from working with Natalie are I don’t yell or feel as guilty as often. I am connecting better with my children and husband. I have more joy throughout my days and a positive outlook that far outweighs the negative one I used to have.

If you want to learn how to chose better and are ready to put in the effort, Natalie is a great support to walk through this season of learning with you. She was fun, positive, has plenty of resources, kept me accountable and most importantly, she always pointed me back to God.”

– Erin


“Before I found Natalie, I felt like I was yelling all the time and losing my temper at the smallest things. I was not treating my children the way I wanted to, and I was not enjoying being a mom.

I felt so guilty and ashamed. I had waited so long to become a mom, and our kids deserved so much better than I was giving them. I worried that I was ruining our relationships. My husband was helping and supporting me as best he could, but one day he said, you need to get help.

When I found Natalie, I was so relieved to find out I wasn’t the only mom who struggled with anger and she can help me! I learned that I didn’t have the knowledge or the skills to deal with my emotions. Natalie taught me that all emotions are beneficial and she taught me how to process them. I realized I had a lot of negative self talk and she helped me reframe my thoughts about my kids and being a mom. One of the best things, though, is that Natalie encouraged me and kept me accountable to spend time with God every day. God changed my heart of stone to a heart of flesh through this program.

Since working with Natalie, I am a much freer person. Natalie helped me through a number of things from my past. I was holding on to a lot of guilt that is now gone. I also feel freer because I have the tools to process my feelings and perfection is not the goal. I will mess up with my kids, but Natalie taught me how to recover with them, which is making our relationships stronger.

If you are on the fence about working with Natalie, I say go for it! God did so much more in my life through working with Natalie than I ever could have imagined. I was nervous and awkward at first, but Natalie is so open and encouraging. Natalie’s program is wonderful, but I also see it now as a vessel God can use to help moms with even more than what’s on the surface.”

– Madisen S.


“Before I found Natalie I was exhausted and I felt tired all the time. I was burnt out and I wasn’t happy. This lead me to bigger problems like screaming and excessive spanking.

I felt like half a person. I woke up every day wondering if I would ever feel “normal” again. I hated the mom I had become but I felt like I was on a one way down hill spiral that was out of control. I didn’t know which way was up or how to get there. I felt hopeless and hopeful at the same time. And I knew the destination that I wanted, the kind of mother I wanted to be was not completely out of reach but I was going to need help to get there. These feeling and actions were impacting me life in just about every area. They impacted my marriage and my sex life. They impacted my self worth. They impacted my parenting, my lack of desire to do anything outside of what had to be done on a day to day basis. They impacted my hobbies, my social life, my family life, and my level of physical activity.

While working with Natalie, I developed a relationship with God. I started to see myself though His eyes. I learned more about the atonement and started understanding more about true forgiveness. I learned about my past and my family history. I gained the tools I needed to learn to have more patience and self restraint with my children. I grew, a lot. I still have a lot of growing to do but I feel so much more confident now that I can reach my destination than I ever had before. I changed after working with Natalie.

My biggest breakthrough was learning about my parents and who they really are and how that has impacted my life. I learned that I was lacking boundaries and allowing them to influence my life too much. I learned that I was mad at my mom, that I needed to forgive her for things that I didn’t even realize where bothering me.

If you are undecided about working with Natalie, I would say you might regret not working her but it is very unlikely you will regret working with her. Natalie taught me so much more than how to defeat burnout and tools to help with destructive anger. Natalie taught me about myself, who I really am and what I am really worth. She validated me, gave me constructive criticism, and showed me the way to have joy back in my life. Before working with Natalie I had forgotten why I had become a mother. I was stuck in the daily grind and unable to see past my own pain. Since working with her I truly enjoy the mundane day to day activities. My days don’t drag on from one to the next. I feel joy, I see it in my kids and in our life. I wake up happy to start my day and to spend my time with my children and that is a gift I didn’t know I could be given. If you’re looking for joy in your journey, you won’t regret starting that journey here.”

– Marcia S.


“Before working with Natalie, I got easily angered with all members of my family. I had trouble controlling my anger and it came out in negative ways.

Most days I felt frustrated or annoyed with everyone. I was a grumpy wife and mom. I didn’t know a different way or really that things could be different. And really that was my example from my parents that being annoyed or irritated or yelling at kids was acceptable and normal. At the time, I’m not sure I truly understood how it was fully impacting my life. I knew my husband thought my anger was a problem but it took me a long while before I accepted that my anger was a problem, so unfortunately my relationship with my husband was at times rocky and not great and the relationships with my kids also suffered.

After I started coaching I learned some tools that have been so helpful to me. It’s been so helpful to be able to process negative emotions with Natalie and it’s been helpful to talk through different situations and triggers for me. I’m so much more aware of my emotions and what I’m feeling. I’m also so much more aware of when I start to feel overwhelmed and can usually tell when I’m about to lose my patience and go down a negative path with anger. I know now that if I do lose it and make mistakes that I can recover with my kids or husband and repair that broken relationship.

I learned so much during this coaching program. I think the most foundational thing I learned is that I do experience all the emotions (joy, fear, sadness, disgust, and anger) and now I can recognize them in my day to day life. Before I started coaching I could really only identify and recognize joy and anger. Also, learning that experiencing all the emotions is OK and that negative emotions are speed bumps and indicators that I need to take a look and assess how I’m doing and why I feel this way. Since coaching with Natalie I’ve been able to identify some core lies I was believing about myself and dig into those…into why I was believing them and look at the truth instead.

For me, I finally reached a point where I was willing to take an honest look at myself and realize that maybe I do need some help. The investment of the program did make me hesitate and it was a big factor for my husband as well. It was interesting because for so long he had asked me to do something and to get help and then I found Natalie’s program and was excited (and nervous) about trying it, but he become the hesitant one because of the investment. After completing the program, we both see the benefits from the program and how helpful it’s been. We both feel it was worth the investment.

– Kierstin K.

Midwest Toddler Mama


“Before I found Natalie, I would explode at my husband with little to no warning or provocation. I’d call him names, push him, and just bully him regularly.

I would feel terrible. I’d feel like the worst wife and like I was setting a terrible example for our daughter. I was worried about what she’d grow up like and how our fights and my exploding would impact her.

I’ve fostered a lot more patience with my husband and with myself when I do mess up. I’ve learned how to communicate my frustrations before it gets to the point where i feel like yelling is my only option. My husband and I more regularly talk about triggers and feelings.

I learned that I was holding onto a lot of resentment toward my husband for things that were out of his control (his family of origin) and that was fueling a lot of my rage and anger. I also dealt with a lot of damage from my own toxic parents and how that set me up for my own struggles with emotional regulation.

Do it. Literally unless you absolutely do not put anything into the program, there is no way you cannot benefit from it. Yes, it will be challenging at times and you will feel like you have nothing else to give. Yes, it will be a time commitment, but it is worth it. You cannot experience the freedom and peace that is on the other side unless you are willing to walk through the valley and what it will dredge up – and at least this way, you have someone slogging through it with you.”

-Holly R.


“Before working with Natalie, I was angry and yelling at my kids way too much. 
I felt awful and carried so much guilt and shame. 
Since working with Natalie, I have learned to unravel the guilt-shame-yell cycle that is so vicious. I can now handle things the way that I want to as a mom using the tools I learned from this program. I can model self-control for my kids and I feel so much better about my parenting journey. I also know that if I do mess up, I can recover with my kids and work through my mistakes. Recovery also models for my kids how to deal with other people with grace and how to work through strong feelings. God’s will is so strong throughout this program.
I honestly did not think I would ever be able to walk away from my kids when I got mad. It’s nothing short of a miracle that I can do this now. Whenever I feel my blood start boiling, I walk away. It’s what works for me and is best for the kids. I come back to it later if I need to, but walking away almost always avoids the destructive anger.
Taking this program is a step of faith and I would encourage anyone to take that step because God will absolutely work through you in the way that you need. I can’t tell you what that will be, but I can tell you he has His hands all over this program.
I am so grateful for Natalie and her program. It has been life changing and has changed the trajectory of my motherhood journey.”


“Before working with Natalie, I would find myself screaming at the top of my lungs. There was constant bickering between my son and I. I would belittle him and making him feel less than. I had little joy in motherhood even though it was something I had always looked forward to. There were many fights between my husband and I.

I was feeling numb, burnt out, overwhelmed, angry, scared and hopeless.

Now I have more joy and hope. I see the changes happening in my family. I see that with Gods help, He can turn a family around. We have to be connected with God before anything good can happen. I’ve been more disciplined in spending time with God. I’ve found more joy in motherhood. 

I have connected more with my son and have been able to really communicate effectively with him. We have had sweet moments recovering from an argument. I like my son again.

Natalie is the real deal. She is compassionate and understanding. She’s not perfect so don’t worry about not being able to live up. We have all been there. We have all been ashamed of what we have done and continue to do but it doesn’t have to be this way. You can get joy and peace back into your home with God and Natalie.”

-F.M. & D.M.


“Prior to working with Natalie, I felt out of control in my anger toward my kids. I was shocked by how quickly my anger would escalate and how I would yell and scream at them, belittle them, and spank them in anger.

I was fearful of how easily destructive I was, worried that I was ruining my kids, and I felt scared that I could not change. I hid all these struggles from everyone except my husband. I felt ashamed and alone in my struggle to that degree, and that’s exactly where the enemy wanted me to stay. The more I tried to “fix” myself, the more frustrated I would get and I felt an even deeper sense of despair and failure.

Natalie helped to bring my struggle to light and gave me hope that I wasn’t alone in this journey. She encouraged me to walk daily with the Lord, and that’s where the change began. Even though I came into the program knowing the Lord and putting my hope in Him, my dependency on Him and intimacy with Him grew immensely. In the past, I would try to “fix” myself in my own strength and fail time and time again. Natalie always pointed me to the Lord and reminded me that I can do nothing in my own strength, but “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Natalie worked with me daily, giving me the tools I needed and teaching me how to use them over and over again. She coached me with love and patience, but also pushed and challenged me.

Before this program, I believed I was a terrible mom who was truly ruining my kids. After working with Natalie, I can honestly say, I no longer believe that. I truly believe that I am a good mom who has challenging moments…..that I can work through! Before this program, I would go down spirals of negativity, harmful self talk, and I would be unpleasant for my kids and husband to be around. Through this program, I learned that I have a choice – I have a choice to go down that negative spiral (which the enemy loves) or I have a choice to break that thought process, be aware of what i’m feeling and thinking, pray and ask God to help me right then and there, and use that challenge in a productive way.

Also, having my kids see me work through my anger in a healthy way is teaching them how to do the same. Now, instead of me getting mad, breaking down, and eventually moving on, we take deep breaths, pray, and use our words to process what we’re feeling.  I have learned the beauty in asking for forgiveness and receiving it, and my kids have learned the same.

Working with Natalie will cost money, time, energy and effort, and without a doubt, it will be worth it all!!! How can you put a cost on learning, growing, and healing as a mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter, etc?? When I sought out Natalie, it was to help me with my destructive anger, but she helped me fall deeper in love in Jesus, my husband, my kids, and helped to heal and grow other relationships in my life. She is down to earth, wise beyond her years, and is truly gifted in what the Lord has called her to. She has changed my life and the life of my family. Working with Natalie has not only been generational work, but Kingdom work, and with tears of joy and gratitude, I could not possibly tell you with more confidence – do it! Working with Natalie will be one of the best and most important decisions you will make for yourself, your family, and generations to come.

My wife and I used to struggle with knowing how to manage the emotional ups and downs that come with parenting three young children. Also, rightly working through significant marital issues and communicating lovingly and effectively with each other.

The challenges added another layer of difficulty to an already difficult situation. We could see that is had a negative impact on our kids because the negativity was often directed at them through yelling or lecturing, and the yelling and lecturing rarely made anything better.

My wife started to understand herself better. She was able to better process the emotions she was feeling when difficulties arose and even if problems weren’t handled well, she began to recover faster from the problems, and better understand them.

My wife’s ability to understand her anger issues and rightly process difficulties in parenting in a loving way was nothing short of a breakthrough. We also had a significant breakthrough in communication and reconciliation. We overcame a major struggle in our marriage to work through and reconcile sin that I had brought to the marriage.

I feel that my marriage has been strengthened through my wife’s time with Natalie, as the process really called us to be United and fostered communication. In a lot of ways I feel like I went through the program with Natalie as well. Through supporting my wife, I was able to see many of the same issues my wife had in myself. I know the program has helped me in my own parenting difficulties.

To any husbands on the fence about your wife going thorugh this program, I would say there is no greater calling for a Christian husband than to love and support his wife and children, and if his wife feels confident that she wants to undergo the work with Natalie to better herself as a wife and mother, than how can he not support her…

-Olivia W.

Before meeting Natalie I felt hopeless in my battle against my destructive anger and day-in-and-day-out burnout. I knew why it wasn’t a healthy place to be, but I didn’t have the practical tools to get where I wanted to be.

I would often begin my days overwhelmed, intimidated and exhausted. I would often cry out to God to deliver me from the feelings of being constantly overwhelmed and disgusted with myself and my responses to my daily tasks as a mama. There needed to be a change, but I didn’t know where to begin for my unique situation, phase of life and challenges.

Coaching with Natalie was the answer to my cry to God. Within one week of working together I felt like I had hope again. Within a few weeks of coaching, I would say “Even if I stopped the program now, I know too much to not be changed forever!” I enjoy being a mama more than before and now when I’m faced with challenges (because there are many in motherhood), I’m no longer afraid of them or my reactions to them. I have the tools I need to prevent destructive behavior, but I also have the tools to recover in healthy and godly ways when I mess up. My children and marriage are thriving and I’m confident that God will use what I’ve learned with Natalie to only grow me further with every passing year.

Soul refreshers and time in God’s Word and prayer are essential! They are the non-negotiable in thriving as a mom and should not be neglected. Abiding in Jesus leads to a heart, mind and mouth overflowing with praises and thanksgiving, rather than criticism or negativity.

I would say to the person on the fence about Natalie’s program, that if God has led you to learn about the existence of Natalie and her program, trust He will provide the resources and time to join! When I first heard about Natalie on The Boy Mom Podcast I thought “Wait!? A ministry like this exists? This is exactly what I’ve been searching for but didn’t know it was out there!”

-Winnie C.

My biggest challenge was getting frustrated at my kids most of the time and yelling at them. Then my kids didn’t like to talk to me and they had a hard time telling me things because they feared that I would get mad at them. Also, I got very defensive about things that my husband and kids said to me that made me feel put down.

It made me feel like the worst mom and wife that my kids didn’t feel safe talking to me. My connection with the kids was horrible. I didn’t have joy. I felt horrible.

After working with Natalie, I am happier and feel more joy when my kids talk to me more. I am more aware of my feelings and stop when things are heated up and think about how I should respond in a calm way instead of responding immediately and destructive. There are still times I do get frustrated but that’s when I go sit and pray and ponder how I should handle things and then tell the kids that their actions made me frustrated and I hope that we figure out a solution to solve the problem and/or come up with a consequence that fits the crime. I also learned how to process forgiveness and it’s me that needs to go through the motions so it doesn’t burden me. I also go to God more than before for help and search through the scriptures to help uplift my trials.

If you really want to change and feel more joy in your motherhood journey then Natalie is the person for you. As long as you are committed to putting in that hard work and know that it takes time and practice. Also, if you feel that you’re always yelling at your kids and or husband, Natalie is there with you every step of the way to help you become aware of those feelings.


My biggest challenge before working with Natalie was beating myself up for experiencing anger towards my kids and taking it out on them.

I felt terrible. I was belittling my children. I know I wanted to stop but it kept happening.

Since coaching with Natalie, I stopped beating myself up for having emotions. Knowing it’s okay to experience feelings was so helpful. I’m just a mom who makes mistakes sometimes. That mental shift and lots of practice with Natalie helped me find better ways to address the needs of my children.

I found it was easier to recognize when I was being affected by something. I became more aware and it was easier to figure out why I was being affected. Knowing that gave me ways to recognize and address my own needs and helped me not hurt those around me because of something I lacked.

To someone on the fence about working with Natalie, I would say that it is the best money I’ve ever spent on myself. I would do it again hands down, with no hesitation and no regrets. If you have a desire to change and be better and want help in your motherhood journey then this is for you.

-Samantha H.

My biggest challenge prior to coaching was explosive anger, shame, and inability to grow out of harmful habits. I would get overwhelmed with my to-do list, my kids and their bickering, or my family’s lack of boundaries which would lead me to explode in anger.

I felt like a volcano ready to erupt!

One wrong move, one loud shriek, one piece of laundry on the floor and the impending doom would explode! Once the volcano had erupted and the lava was starting to slow down I would realize the hurt that I had caused and I would feel so ashamed, sad, and angry. The shame was so heavy that it was hard to move forward. Change felt not only impossible but just too hard.  

Explosive anger led to shame, guilt, and fear.

The shame, guilt, and fear led to hopelessness. I would spend so many afternoons, evenings, and early mornings hiding in my laundry room and sobbing. I wept for my husband who had married someone that was incapable of change. I wept for my kids who had the worst mother in the world. Finally, I wept for myself as thought that it would be easier to just give up or that my husband and kids would be better off without me.

After coaching with Natalie my eyes, my mind, and my heart were opened!

Change was no longer an impossibility. Change felt possible. Growth felt possible. I realized that I was not alone and I was not a lost cause. Coaching taught me that all emotions are necessary!Anger is necessary and can be used for the glory of God. Feelings and emotions are not a bad thing, they are clues and indicators about what is going on around us and inside of us.

Ultimately, coaching with Natalie has brought me closer to the Lord who is the real reason for the hope and growth that I have found.I realized that I am a broken person and that my sinful nature was controlling my thoughts, words, and actions.

Once I realized that I am capable of growth and change I no longer felt like a victim. I realized that I am able to make a better future for myself, my husband, and my kids just by taking care of what I am able to control instead of trying to control everyone around me by being a scary, angry monster! I also realized that I am only responsible for my growth and my journey with the Lord- my kids have their own path to walk with the Lord. Everything I have done to hinder their growth or mess up their journey is redeemable.

If I am capable of change and living a healthy and hopeful life then the Lord is more than able to do that for my children too! He is doing a good work in me, my husband, and my children no matter what!

Take the leap of faith, make the investment, find the time. Every part of the program is the best kind of challenging! Every day you learn more and more. Every day you become more aware of yourself, your surroundings, and your identity in Christ. It will be life changing and life giving!

This program is not like anything you have ever done before! It is so much more than reading a really good book or having a great counseling session. This program equipped me with a way to work through emotions and feelings instead of sitting in my laundry room sobbing. I was able to walk through the tools that Natalie provides and feel such relief when I would have otherwise been worried out of my mind!

This program has been so much better than counseling for me because… I have been able to use the tools Natalie created to experience and process past events and feelings in a way that finally left me feeling a sense of peace and resolution. These tools can be used over and over again so I am no longer worried that something will pop up in my life that I cannot process- she has given me the tools to help do that for whatever comes my way.

Natalie has been guided by the Lord to make such wonderful, educational, helpful, and useful tools. Her obedience has changed my life and my willingness to walk through this program will change the lives of my family forever too.

-Amelia B.

My biggest challenge prior to coaching [was] giving into anger.  I would yell at and belittle my husband and children.  Then I would close up and use the silent treatment.  

I felt like I shouldn’t have become a mother like I just wasn’t cut out for it.  I was becoming resentful.  I was afraid of the mom I was becoming.  I felt like I was alone in this struggle like it just wasn’t something a Christian mom should be struggling with.

Natalie helped me learn how to process my emotions and change my mindset.  I now have the tools to help me work through my anger rather than giving into it.  Daily soul refreshers have been crucial in my growth.

I am now able to better regulate myself when dealing with my toddler.  Instead of going straight to anger I now utilize SIT&Pray.  The deep breathing and the tuning into my feelings help me respond better in challenging situations. 

Just do it.  I was on the fence too.  I stumbled across this program after a very bad week parenting my toddler and I knew God was calling me to do this course.  God used this course to change my motherhood journey and I know He will do the same for you

-Andrea M.

I was in a daily struggle with destructive anger. I screamed at my kids daily and would sometimes spank them out of anger or be too rough with them. I didn’t know what to do with the feeling of rage in my chest that felt like I would explode if I didn’t let it out.

I felt alone and stuck and hopeless. My husband feared talking to me, not knowing how I would react.  I lived in constant guilt and shame for my behavior and the way I was treating my family.  I felt like I must be the worst mom in the world and would go to bed every night full of regret, not knowing how was going to get through the next day. I think in those moments I questioned whether God’s grace was for me or that I would ever be able to change.

I now wake up with more hope everyday.  With Natalie’s help and the work of the Holy Spirit, I now recognize that when I do make mistakes, I can recover from them and they no longer define me and my motherhood journey. I can choose to learn from my mistakes and take the opportunity to ask for forgiveness and grow in relationship with my family.

I am very much still on this journey, but I can say that I no longer scream and threaten my kids everyday. I can laugh easier and enjoy being a mom. I feel equipped to keep growing and discovering who God made me to be as a mom.

It is so worth the time and investment! This was my answer to prayer, I hope it’s yours, too.

-T. S.

My biggest challenge before working with Natalie was my unchecked rage. I would get so frustrated that I would just completely lose control. I would scare my kids and even myself with my out-of-control temper.

I felt hopeless, like I had tried everything and nothing worked. I was falling into depression and often wished I had never even had kids. I was carrying a huge heavy burden of guilt and shame. I felt like I couldn’t face each day, let alone the future. I felt completely discouraged. I started to doubt if I even loved my own kids.

I no longer carry that burden of guilt and shame; I have left them at the cross. I have hope for each day and hope for the future. I no longer feel helpless. I know what to do, and even when I blow it I know how to recover. I no longer question my role as a mom or my love for my kids. I know that God is helping me.  

Letting go of guilt and shame and knowing I can walk in God’s grace has been huge. I am so thankful. I no longer have to live in that dark place. I no longer have to fear past or future mistakes. There is grace.

Recognizing how my negative mindset was making me spiral into despair has been a game changer for me too. Taking my thoughts captive in Christ and not putting so much weight on my subconscious thoughts has been so transformative.

Knowing that my neural pathways can change has given me hope that every single time I choose any part of SIT&Pray and Recovery during my anger I am healing my brain and making a positive change. If I can do this, so can my kids.

I can surrender my kids and their journeys to the Lord. I can trust Him.

I felt like I had tried literally everything to address my anger issue toward my children. I had read and listened to dozens of parenting books. I had listened to hundreds of parenting podcasts. I had read dozens of books on anger management. I had done counseling and therapy. I had done parenting seminars and classes and webinars and courses. I felt like this was the only thing left to try, and I’m so glad I did. Coaching is so much more effective than any other strategy I have tried in almost 13 years of parenting.

Now when I get angry, I know how to process my anger in a healthy and productive way. Even when I do blow it, I know how to recover with my kids so that they know they are not the problem. I know that I am steadily making progress, and I now feel like I have the tools to help my kids to process their emotions in healthy way, too. For the first time in a long time, I am actually enjoying being a mom.

I never ever felt judged. I felt supported and validated. Taking this course has been one of the best decisions of my life.

-K. Cox

My greatest challenge prior to working with Natalie was] Trying to parent my 5 precious children with love and understanding. Working through craziness, business, homeschool, health issues, etc, while trying to show love to my kids.

It made me feel awful. I was so afraid that I was ruining my relationship with my kids every day, but had no time, energy, or tools to know how to turn it around. I felt angry, stressed and annoyed a majority of the time. My kids were not getting the best of me, and no one ever felt like they could do enough to make me happy.

I feel more alive. I see blow ups coming before they are here, and have tools to address them. I like myself a lot more, and am watching my kids grow in their confidence in themselves and in my love. I have tools to prevent blow ups, stop them as they are happening, and also tools to recover when I make mistakes. We are all human and we all make mistakes. Having help to fix it when you do is invaluable! I don’t feel angry as often, and when I do, I don’t feel guilty about HAVING the feeling. If I have righteous guilt for REACTING to the feeling in a hurtful way, I can address it. But I recognize that it’s healthy, not shameful, to have emotions.

I’m staying in control more often. My kids understand what I mean when I tell them I just need to let some anger out, and they are not afraid when I then let it out in healthy ways, without directing it at them. They are learning to do the same. I’m much more patient and understanding, and much more curious about why my kids are acting the way they are. I am willing to listen and try to understand, and then we move forward together. I enjoy being with them more. Things aren’t perfect, but they are so much better, and improving every day, as I continue to lean on the Lord, and practice the skills I have learned.

Just do it! This has been life changing for me and my family. I finally have direction in how to be a mother that anyone (myself included) wants to be around. Direction in how to love and accept my kids better. Direction in how to help them see and feel that. There are so many amazing tools here, and Natalie is really good at helping you think through and process why you feel how you do. She has resources to offer or point you to, to help make big changes and reclaim your motherhood.

default family

-Natalie C.

My biggest challenge prior to working with Natalie was that I would yell at my kids and yell at my husband all the time.  My anger was out of control and my family and home were affected by it.  I took out my anger on my family and was destroying my relationships.  I had a relationship with God but it wasn’t very deep.

I felt alone and frustrated all the time.  I was not a happy person and my relationships were suffering.  My home was full of unrest and it was not a fun place to be and I was not enjoying being a wife and mom.

I am prioritizing my relationship with God and digging deeper.  My prayer life is better and I am praying daily for my family and my first thought when challenging things come up is to pray.
I am so much more aware of what is going on around me and what is going on inside me.  

When challenging things come up (because they still do) I am able to stop myself from reacting, tune in, pray and respond in a healthy way.  

I am able to have a better relationship with my husband and my kids and our home is much more peaceful.

I was able to figure out how to work through challenging situations

Do it!  It is totally worth it and you will not regret it!  She is amazing to work with and you will be so thankful for the tools you will be given, the awareness you will find and the growth you will see.

Ready to become the mom you’ve always wanted to be?

Wondering if Natalie’s program is right for you?

There’s zero pressure to make a decision that isn’t right for you!