The Motherhood Restored Coaching Program is currently closed for updating!

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The Motherhood Restored Program was awesome, but it’s about to get even BETTER!

About every 1-2 years, the Lord leads Natalie into a program update. These updates require re-writing and recording the entire program.

Because of the nature and intensity of a program update, Natalie is unable to take on new clients.

It’s like writing a book! Which Natalie is also in the VERY stages of! Yes, finally, the most requested tool from Natalie will become a reality! A book about destructive anger and burnout in motherhood!

How does Natalie determine that the program needs an update?

Natalie’s personal growth has a significant role in program updates. As she grows in her walk with the Lord and her motherhood journey, she gains more knowledge and understanding of how to serve her clients better.

Her past clients are the second reason, as each client has the opportunity to share feedback with Natalie on how their experience could be even better. Updates offer her the ability to apply their feedback to the program.

Lastly, with technology constantly changing, it’s essential to take the time to update and streamline the client’s experience, process, and privacy. 

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But WAIT, I need help NOW!

Natalie knows just how frustrating it is to “finally find” what you’ve been looking for and to then have to wait for it to be ready…

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Continue to pray and trust the Lord’s timing and trust that this will be well worth the wait!

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