Natalie and Mike Hixson chat with Terry and Wendy Snyder on their podcast, Fresh Start Family. They discuss anger that isn’t serving you (as a mother) and is getting in the way of relationships in your home! Click link to listen today!

In this episode, Natalie and Rachel discuss how to re-write your mom story, how to handle anger in the heat of the moment, and ways to identify your triggers.

Rachel grew up in a home with extremely nurturing parents who rarely yelled. That made it very shocking to her when as a mother of young kids, she found herself yelling and angry a lot of the time. Where was this rage coming from? She hadn’t seen it modeled by her parents and she honestly never really experienced it within herself either. It didn’t make sense, and it sometimes left her feeling very ashamed and discouraged. 

If you relate to this, today’s episode is for you. Natalie gets very raw and vulnerable about just how all-encompassing her anger became when her daughters were little until she sought professional help and completely rewrote her motherhood story. 

You’ll want to listen if you want some concrete tools to help you learn to process your anger in ways that are healthier for you and for your children. 

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Becoming A Less Angry Mom

by 3 in 30 Podcast with Rachel Nielson

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