Triggered by Your Kids? Recognize Destructive Anger, Tame Your Triggers, and Overcome the Negative Thought Spiral

In this episode, Emily and Natalie discuss being easily triggered by our kids… Do you struggle with destructive anger, telling yourself every night that tomorrow will be different, but you stay in the same patterns, causing you (and your family) to be miserable?

In today’s episode,  Natalie gets real about her own struggles with destructive anger and shares the tools that have allowed her to recognize her anger, tame her triggers, and overcome negative thoughts.

Natalie is a wife and mom who helps discouraged Christian moms overcome destructive anger and burnout.

After learning to thrive in motherhood and process anger in a healthy way, Natalie became convicted to help other moms avoid those dark years of motherhood by helping them to appreciate and process their anger, learn to identify their triggers, and ultimately control their reaction to those triggering situations.

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