From Angry to Joyful…


The tantrum was bad – really bad.


>>> There was screaming, yelling, throwing of things, door slamming. It was quite epic. <<<


The rage came and went. There was no calming down, it was just a flurry of terrifying turmoil.


What was the little one to do? She was absolutely helpless. And here is why… The tantrum wasn’t coming from her.


>>> It was coming from her mama! <<<

A mama caught in the desperation of wanting to love her child yet unable to control the anger.

All she wanted was to be a fun, loving Mama that her kids could trust to protect them, guide them, love them.

>>> The mama felt stuck dragging a ball and chain of rage in which she just couldn’t figure out how to shake. <<<

She blamed God, blamed her parents, blamed the world around her – even blamed her child.

>>> She could not see that the source of anger was coming from within. <<<

Mama took her kiddo to a therapist seeking help for the child. Thinking if the child had help then the anger would go away.

The wise woman looked at the mom and said, “My dear, the child is a normal for her age. It’s YOU who needs help.” The mother was in shock – but it was exactly what she needed to hear.

>>> It was then the mom realized she could take responsibility for her own rage and begin the healing journey – not only for her but for her child. <<<

That Mama was me. I was the one who needed to overcome the anger and work through the sources of rage in my own life.


It was not a simple journey. But it was well worth everything I put into it!

I am now that Mom I wanted to be – having fun being a loving, guiding parent who takes joy in being with my kids and fulfilling my role as a wife and mom!

Is yelling, screaming, slamming doors, etc… a regular thing in your life? Mom-guilt keeping you up at night?

>>> Do you dream of being a fun, loving Mama who’s kids can come to confide in, run to for safety, and will grow up to be some of your closest friends? <<<

It’s totally 100% possible to make that happen! I have the keys to unlock the fun, joyful and present mom you want to be – and I want to pass them on to you!

Get started on the right foot by downloading my free Trigger Tracker. In addition to the tracker you will get a series of emails and videos that will help you understand more how I can help you become that mom you deeply desire to be!

Natalie helps you overcome anger so you can be a fun, present, joyful wife and mama!

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