Helping discouraged, burnt-out Christian Moms overcome destructive anger so they enjoy being a wife and mom!

Take your first steps out of destructive anger today with your Free Trigger Tracker!

Right now – before it’s too late and your kids are adults – is the time say goodbye to angry mommy and hello to the joyful, fun and present mom you want to be!

Motherhood without the guilt!

You are an amazing Mama who cares deeply for your children, but the burnout and lack of self-control are getting in the way of you being the fun, joyful, present mama you so desire to be.

I’m here to help you overcome destructive anger so you can be the fun mama you dream of being. It’s time you finally get control over the rage and restore the relationships with your kids (and hubby) to what they are supposed to be!

As a coach, I help discouraged & burnt out Christian moms overcome destructive anger so they enjoy being a wife and mom! I can help you too!


“Natalie continues to encourage me and tell me how great of progress I’m making. She just really can help dissect a situation/issue and talk through it with you. Also, she gives you time to process things… I also enjoy when she gives examples from her own life, makes herself more relatable and not like she’s just my coach, but that she’s been through similar/exact same stuff too.”

– Current Client | Mama of 3


“Working with Natalie has been surprisingly transformative for me. Our sessions are casual but effective. There is laughter, encouragement, and compassion while we collaborate to pinpoint my obstacles. Then we thoughtfully consider what’s keeping me from the life I really want and how to work around it. In just a few short weeks of working with Natalie, my daily life has already changed tremendously and the people around me are noticing it in me, my home and my family.”

– Tara O. | Mama of 2


“Natalie is amazing! It’s really great to have a life coach who is also a Christian because, in my experience, personal growth is not going to be long-lasting unless Christ is in the center of the change. …The reason this program is life-changing is because it gives you easy to follow steps on changing what you’re telling yourself and what you believe about your life. Each week builds on itself so it’s not overwhelming.”

– Laura S. | Mama of 3

Have more fun, be more present and find joy as a wife and mom!