Learning how to overcome the challenges of destructive anger and burnout…

Learning how to overcome the challenges of destructive anger and burnout…

In highschool I was a total “day-dreamer”…

(Well let’s be honest, I am still a daydreamer!)

I would tune out the teacher…

(Sorry teachers – you know who you are – but I’m sure you’re not surprised at my confession!)

…instead of listening I’d be dreaming about marrying my boyfriend (now my husband), what our kid’s names would be, what we would do with them as a family, what life would look like.

I thought we’d…

Have a boy named Wyatt, and a girl named Katie.

Live in a mansion with a lot of acreage on a hill.

Be retired by the time we were 30.

(Hey! I was only seventeen – what do you expect???)

What actually happened…

We had three girls and no boys!

We bought a cozy little house, in a subdivision, in the valley.

We are both just settling down into our dream “jobs” or careers. (We may never retire!)


I wasn’t the happy, fun, loving wife and mama I wanted to be for the first ten years of our marriage.

I ended up wishing I didn’t have kids, didn’t have a house and didn’t want to live the life I had chosen.

I was burnt out, overwhelmed, depressed and angry all the time.

>>> Turning Point >>>

Warning it’s not super exciting, I wasn’t struck by a lightning bolt or anything crazy.

I simply felt called to my knees to start praying.

That’s when the real changes began…

I had to follow God’s lead and allow him to show me where I needed to change.

(It was NOT fun or pretty – and many days I was mad at God.)

He walked me through…

Taking responsibility for my thoughts and actions.

Learning how to overcome the challenges of destructive anger and burnout.

>>> Now I am excited about and love life more than I thought I could at seventeen!

Doing this also lead me to my God-given purpose and passion…

To help other mamas overcome destructive anger and burnout!

(BONUS – I created deep and meaningful relationships with my husband and kids by being willing to work through the pain, frustration and mindset shifts it took to become better.)

Wish you had deeper more meaningful and fun relationships with your husband and your kids?

You can! I 100% believe it and I want to help you get there…

Book a call with me and let’s chat.

Let’s get you dreaming and excited about life again!